We do great work because we love what we do.  We consider ourselves to be artists who are really good with power tools. The net result is this portfolio and a bunch of happy employees and customers.

Custom Deck Design Examples

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    Trex... One of a kind Pergola, Arches with Arches, Redondo Beach, Ca.
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    We can take a small space and make it the nicest deck & pergola on the block.
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    Pergola details make the difference.
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    Ninety- foot long Trex deck perfectly level & plumb.
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    Trex Elevations Steel Framing. Dual coated galvanized,won't sag, rot,or be eaten by termites.
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    Twenty -Eight custom fit pieces of Trex for a unique curve.
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    Trex glass rail with Trex Transcends Tiki Torch decking.
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    Trex Transcends Lava Rock deck with King columns.
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    Trex Transcends Tiki Torch with Lava Rock border. Black Trex Transcends glass rail.

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